FreeMakan Continues To Uplift Lives Across Malaysia

The Covid-19 virus has sunk its teeth into every corner of our country, leaving no one spared. Our B40 communities have suffered the brunt of its onslaught. Their loss of income and disrupted livelihoods have caused immense suffering and pain.

To ease their burdens, the Spark Foundation generously contributed to the FreeMakan cause, enabling the expansion of our impact. On August 8, Women of Will (WOW) facilitated deliveries of 119 grocery packs (courtesy of Spark Foundation) to B40 families living in PPR Ukay Indah, PPR Sri Aman Jinjang and PPR Batu Muda.

Their words of gratitude and relief brought us so much joy! It’s incredibly heartwarming to think of how we, as a community, have come together at this scale to support one another during these dark times. FreeMakan is so grateful to our partners, collaborators and all those who have donated!